Your Contribution Is Enough

I have a dear friend that once said to me:

“It’s because of my input that my husband can be comfortable be a Pastor”.

She probably may not remember, but I do. And I remember all the time.
A lot of us women are so quick to look down on ourselves and even allow others to look down on us.
I often hear a lot of mothers, especially the stay at home mothers, say:

” I’m not really contributing to the home. My husband is the one carrying the entire burden”.

And I often tell anyone who wants to listen:

“Your staying at home and putting all of YOUR DREAMS AND DESIRES on hold for a season of life is enough contribution”.

If you weren’t playing your part in ensuring that the home front is on course, believe me when I tell you, that your Hubby Dearest will be most likely distracted from his own vision and is not likely to be as successful as he is.
And a lot of us women are not even helping matters in encouraging our Dear Sisters.
We often hear comments like:

“Try and be doing something o. You can’t just be collecting all the time”.

Well, not everyone is cut out to do business or be an entrepreneur. In the season of life when you need to sacrifice and stay home for the kids, please don’t feel bad about it.
Don’t beat yourself up Dear Daughter of Zion!
Carry yourself with Grace. You are contributing what you need to contribute. It doesn’t always have to be money.
Don’t know why this is impressed on my mind at this time, but I believe someone will be encouraged by it.
Love You Ladies,

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