Welcome To July

It’s a New Month and I am particularly delighted to be a part of this Month of July.

I woke up this morning rather contemplative.
My 3 year old daughter looked at me and said:

“Mummy, what wrong?”

I said,

“Nothing is wrong dear. Why did you ask?”

She responded,

“Because you look sad”.

I couldn’t even give her a response as she had moved on to another activity.
I just smiled to myself, “this girl is quite intuitive”.
The truth was that I was just thinking over the next month and had a serious look.
As I kept pondering, I just sensed God saying to me,

“It’s time to rest”.


Welcome to July Our Month of Rest
God is saying to you in this month of July too:

“It’s time to rest”.

Enter into God’s rest, from all the struggles.
Enter into God’s rest, from all your worries.
Enter into God’s rest, stop over thinking the future.

If He’s brought you this far, He can take you even further than you can imagine.

“For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labors, just as God did after creating the world.” – Hebrews 4:10

Welcome to July – Our Month of Rest!

Loads of Love,


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