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Waiting for anything at all takes patience and probably much more. Because there is a time for everything under the sun, it’s typical to expect things to take its natural course.

But how do you cope when it doesn’t? I have since learnt that I honestly do not have control over some things and struggling with it only adds to the frustration. Life and people already have set goals for you and when it’s not coming through, worry, apprehension and fear sets in,  then you ask yourself , ‘what if it doesn’t happen’?

Truth is we are human and despite having exhausted our all in achieving the set goal and still it doesn’t happen, does not mean it never will.

waiting time

The time of waiting  teaches us preparation, patience, faith, trust and expectation. We may be at our wits end on what next to do, but not giving up irrespective of what the circumstances dictate may just hold the key. We just have to keep pressing on, loading our cloud and expectantly waiting for the rain of fulfillment.

No one truly understands how you feel because they haven’t been there you say. But, remember it’s a season that will pass.

It may seem like a long and tortuous journey now, but remember, the end justifies the means. It all becomes a tale in remembrance, when you have achieved or received your much desired goal and all you can do is shout it at the roof tops on how far you have come, and have eventually obtained your crown.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel in defeat, but the time to believe,  believe and keep believing till it comes to pass.

Are you ready to wait to receive the ultimate price?


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