Using The Rest Room – A Series on Good Manners 5

The Rest Room is a place we visit often enough, even if you don’t like the fact. The proper use of the rest room is essential for both hygiene and social purposes. Everyone likes to go into a clean and good smelling rest room.


In teaching our kids on the proper way to use a rest room, we have to consider the use of a bathroom for both private use (for example in our homes) and public use (shared rest rooms in public places).

Use of the Rest Room In A Home

  • Focus on being hygienic always.
  • Always knock on a closed door
  • Avoid messing the toilet and if you do, clean up your own mess
  • Always flush after use
  • Leave the rest room better than you met it
  • Boys should be taught to lift the toilet seat before passing urine, and remember to put it down for the next person to use.
  • Boys should also be taught to stand close enough, to avoid dripping all over the seat, and in the case of spillage, the toilet should be wiped prior to handwashing
  • You can make use of the toilet brush to clean the inside of the toilet if you have made any mess requiring it
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after toilet use
  • Always leave the rest room better than you met it


The Use of Public Rest Rooms

Most of the things above apply to the use of public rest rooms, but the following are to be noted in addition:

  • Avoid Touching Anything with your bare hands. You can use tissue paper or wipes to touch if you must
  • Always lock the door to avoid any embarrassment
  • Don’t take up too much time, remember others may want to use the restroom also
  • Don’s stare at others you may meet in the rest room
  • ‘Trash your trash’. All unwanted items should go into the trash, some things may block the toilet. If in doubt, put in the trash can
  • Be considerate, making sure you think of others, while using the rest room in a way the next person would love

Mom, please remember that it takes constant practice to ensure that our kids make these things a habit, please be patient and keep at it. Starting early, when they are still much younger also goes a long way in building up this habit in our kids.


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