Two Sisters in Time

2 sisters

Two sisters in time…

One was willing to lay down her life, the other preferred to stay silent.

We are usually quick to point out the fact that David was The King, and so Bathsheba had no say in the issue of committing adultery – or did she?

Was she so afraid of The King that she could not even speak up or at the very least, pretend to protest, when he asked for her to be brought before him? Not once did the Bible record that she protested. At least her husband was in the army, and her home wasn’t too far from the palace – David could even see her from his rooftop. She wasn’t a slave, she could have at least made an effort to preserve her integrity. She kept mute, even until she found out that she was pregnant, and was so very willing to pass off the pregnancy as that of her husband. Was she just laid back, a passive victim or was she was as guilty as King David?

Meanwhile, fast forward some years after then. Esther – indeed a shining star.

She didn’t care what was going to happen to her – she was willing to lay down her life, willing to go all the way with God. She spoke up, even at the risk of her own existence. After all, she was even just a former slave girl. But she didn’t care, she said to herself:

“If I perish, I perish!”

Daughter of God, silence equates permission. You can’t sit on the fence – you have to choose a side. It’s not enough to just allow yourself to take the easy way out, keep quiet, and keep sinking down into sin.

A True Daughter of God should always be willing to Speak up and Take a Stand of Courage.

Which Sister Do You want to represent?

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