#TipsTuesday – Maintain Vs Repair

Are you in the habit of waiting for work to pile up before you attack it?

Do you usually wait for one ‘Big Day’ before you do your cleaning?

I find that piling up work doesn’t work for me. In fact, it just makes the task seem more daunting!

When you hear the word ‘Maintain’ or ‘Maintenance’, your mind may immediately register on a car or some other heavy duty equipment or tool. Car owners know that you save time and resources when you give your car a regular scheduled maintenance than wait for it to develop problems before having to fix it.

The same principle applies to Home Keeping.

Our Tip for today is:


“Maintain  Rather Than Repair”

If you keep waiting for work to gather or pile up before you attack it, then, you end up expending more energy and time in getting them done – that’s if you get them done anyway.

How do you maintain when it comes to housekeeping?

This plaque I saw for Kitchen Rules and Toilet Rules about sums it up.


The Bottom Line is to get it done before it piles up.

Remember, It’s easier to maintain than to repair.

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4 thoughts on “#TipsTuesday – Maintain Vs Repair

  1. You are so right! It’s so much easier to maintain, even though it might not sound like it. It takes far less time to maintain than to have to spend time attacking a pile!
    I’ve only been a Mom to our furry friends but I love your ideas here, very creative! 🙂

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