#TipsTuesday – Make Yourself Priority

If you ever think that working yourself to total exhaustion all the time is a sign that you’re a great mom, then you are mistaken. Total exhaustion is a sign that you have refused to take a pause and make time for yourself.

There’s only one of you, and it becomes important that you preserve that one. There will be days when things around your home are not in impeccable condition. There will be many times when you’re more interested in filling the kids’ tummy than in offering a nutritional alternative, simply because you want to take a bit of time to relax.

Our Tip for Today’s #TipTuesday is:

tips tuesday make yourself a priorit.png

Believe me, there’s no ‘Mom police’ coming to arrest you if everything is not impeccably organized once in a while.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, I particularly want to encourage you to deliberately plan time off to give yourself a break – you need it and you deserve it!

Have a Great Tuesday!


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