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I particularly hate to look for things!

And as a matter of fact, looking for things slows you down and wastes considerable time that can be used to accomplish a whole lot.

Are you always looking for one leg of socks in the morning, pencils during homework time, water bottles…?


How can you cut down the time you spend looking for things?

Have A PLACE For Everything and Put Everything In Its PLACE.


I even have a more ‘selfish’ reason for organising this way! ?
I can ask my kids to get things done themselves without having to tell them where the things are. They know where things are kept and so they can sort their uniform, pack school snacks…without my help.

So if you find that you’re exhausted from always looking for things, try following this #Tip and you’ll be amazed at how much time and energy you’ll save.


If you have another tip you’d like to share with us, please do so. I’m sure a lot of us Moms will appreciate all the help we can get. And I’ll also like to hear from you about how this Tip has helped you. Please feel free to drop a comment! Thank you.

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Keep Staying Organised.



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