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My son was trying to memorize a poem just yesterday after school. The poem intrigued me because of the way it was written.

Every line has “as….as…” For instance, the first line was:

“As slow as a Start” or something like that.

He then asked, why does it say “as slow as a start”?

I could only explain giving the example of starting to drive a car. I said,

“When you want to move a car, you begin slowly and then as the journey progresses, you can increase your speed”.

This brings me to the Tip for Today:

tips getting started


“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started”.

Sometimes, we want everything to be perfect before we make a move. All the ducks must be in a row before we even begin. There are times when no matter how much you try, the ducks can never get in a row until you get started. How many times are there a host of things to get done, and you know that those things must be done, but you just keep putting them off?

That report you need to write, that list you need to go through, the laundry that needs sorting, the application you need to get submitted…They won’t get finished if you do not start. You need to begin first.

How many times do you really ever feel like getting something done? There may be a reason all the time:

“I’m tired”

“I’ll do it tomorrow”

“I just don’t feel like it”…

You don’t need to feel like it. Do it and then you will feel like doing it. You can never let how you feel be an indicator of when you will get things done.

All The Best Today,

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4 thoughts on “#Tips Tuesday

  1. Such a good point, You will never get finished if you don’t even get started, The first step, getting motivated is normally the hardest part, isn’t it? šŸ™‚

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