Tips Tuesday – Keep Items At Point of Use

You have decided to get organized and you now have a place for everything just as we discussed in the post on ‘Put Me In My Place’ for Tips Tuesday.

There’s no point keeping things where you’ll need to move around so much to get to them.

The essence of getting organized and keeping things in their proper places is to make it easier for you to get to them and save time as a result.

Today’s Tip is:



This may seem obvious but not many people do it.

Store detergent near where the laundry is done. Keep toilet paper close to the rest room to make it easier to replace them, Keep stationery close to your work area…and so on.

You’ll see that you’ll save more time, and of course energy, if you put things where you use them more often. You won’t need to keep moving around to get things done and you can work more efficiently.

Do you agree? Do you disagree? You have another way?

I’d like to hear from you, especially to hear how These Tips are working out for you.

Please drop your comments below.

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