Tips Tuesday – Involve Your Kids

I once saw a picture that was flying around the Internet sometime towards the end of last year about a woman that was carrying so much. She had the burden of her husband and her children and so much more.

And of course, a lot of us were really ‘encouraging’ ourselves with
“Women are trying o”
“Women are doing so much”…

And I thought to myself:
“Why will I be carrying people who are not sick or bed ridden?”
“Why will I do for people what they can do for themselves?”

Dear Sister, the reason you’re feeling overwhelmed right now is because you believe you’re Super Woman and so you want to ‘help’ everybody around you.

Today’s #Tip is:
Don’t Do For Your Kids What They Can Do for Themselves!


When you do all the work without encouraging your kids to handle what they can, it’s not just about today, it’s about the future.
Teach your kids to do things for themselves and you’ll be amazed what they can handle and of course you can also be able to rest.


Are you guilty of the Super Woman syndrome?

Have you been able to successfully delegate some things to your kids?

Please share.
Thank you!

Oluseye Ashiru.

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