#Tips Tuesday – Get Adult Company

Do you feel burnt out, tired and overwhelmed?

Are you tired of moving from home to work and back home again every single day of your life?

When you’re not at work, the only form of relaxation you get is getting the kids to bed and sorting through your children’s bickering!

If this is how you feel, you are definitely not alone.

A lot of women who have children feel like they are so busy, they can’t make room for one more thing on their list. So, they often abandon the very important thing they can do for themselves.

This brings us to the Tip for balancing your Mom Life for Today:

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“Get Adult Company”

Yes, you saw that. You need to have stimulating adult relationships to take a break from the mommy moments.

You need friends you can be real and down to earth with. You need people who will just hang out with you for the fun of it.

You need to take a break from kids talk, arrange a hang out with your girl friends and have some fun.

It could be as little as watching a movie together, going shopping together, grabbing a few drinks together, meeting to just rant to each other.

Whatever you do, just make sure you make room for adult relationships.

You can’t afford to do that, you’re too busy right now. Actually, you can’t afford not to do that because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself burnt out real soon.

So, this week, dig through your phone book and find that friend you can call to hang out with.

You don’t have friends, you don’t know anyone because you’re new in your location. Do you know you can pray for God to send you an awesome friend?

Yes, He’s a good God like that and He’ll send you someone who will just be the kind of friend you need.

Good Girlfriends are all Shades of Awesome.

Keep Being great!

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4 thoughts on “#Tips Tuesday – Get Adult Company

  1. I love this post! We have to make time for friends so that we can achieve some balance in our lives. Hanging out with friends is like therapy for the soul without the hourly therapist’s rate. 😀

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