7 Tips for Getting Through The Holiday With Your Kids

Every parent knows how tasking it can be to get kids engaged and to keep your cool during school holidays!

Today’s Tip is centred around getting through the school holiday with your kids.

How can you handle the holiday with the kids?

Here are seven tips that should help you get through the days of ‘boredom’.

By the way that’s a forbidden word in our home – once I hear you’re bored, you’re in for some chores.


Tips for getting through the holiday with kids


  • Let them give you ideas of what they’ll find interesting. Don’t try to force them to do only what you want. Trust me, you’ll be more at peace when they’re doing their own thing as long as they are safe. This will also help them to be self reliant.


  • Give your kids time for outdoor activities. The outdoors will do them a world of good and make them tired too – less energy to bother you.


  • Get their creative juices flowing with getting them to do their own show (you can try this in conjunction with other kids). They will love playing dress up!


  • Lower your expectations of having an impeccable home during this period. Like someone said: “Don’t buy white furniture when you have kids if you don’t want to spend all the time screaming”. The bottom line is let them have fun without you breathing down their necks all the time.


  • Give them space to explore – in their rooms or somewhere safe so you can get some time to yourself also.


  • Don’t forget to let them have friends over to occupy them even more. When they’ve run out if ideas for play, they are sure to get fresh ones from their friends.


  • Swap babysitting time with another mom or family you can trust to give you room to get other things done during this period.

I’m sure you’ll have some of your own tips to share too.

What keeps you sane during the holidays?

Please share.

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10 thoughts on “7 Tips for Getting Through The Holiday With Your Kids

  1. Great ideas, when my girls were younger, I used to give them a six week challenge to grow something in a pot. It could be vegetables or flowers, anything to keep them busy!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I was just asking my sister in law this question this morning. Once I’m away from work, I try to engage them as much as I can – what did you do today? did you write me a poem? (my son’s picking up the interest of writing) what did you do when you went outside? (there’s no doubt they’d been outdoor. their dirty clothes give that away) we play, dance, sing, exercise and cook dinner together. still, I wish I could do more. they wake up asking if there’s school today. Urgh! Not again! No

    1. Lol! That’s the age of excess energy with nowhere to burn it.
      You may want to try a lot of outdoor activities that will help him to burn that energy and remember also that you’re transitioning into a new environment and it may take some time for everyone to settle in and adjust.

      Also, search for some of the Summer activities for his age in your area, like some day camps where he can go to interact with others in his age group.

      I hope that helps and I’d love to hear from you about what you eventually do to create fun for him.

      Love, Oluseye.

    1. Hello Sis. It’s been a bit. How have you been?
      Board games are quite engaging too and they are not as energy consuming as other physical activities.
      Great recommendation.

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