This is What Happens When You are Diligent – The Story of Oresegun Olumide

Do you see a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. – Proverbs 22:29

That’s the story of this Nigerian Oresegun Olumide who got featured on CNN.

Looking at his work, one can almost find it impossible to believe that they were paintings.


This story has been making the rounds on social media for some time. I was not surprised when I then saw that he was featured on CNN.

A few thoughts came to me when I saw that feature post on CNN.

  • In Nigeria, art is not a particularly lucrative passion. I am sure he must have been told this a number of times. He kept at it even when he may not have seen any immediate gains from his art.
  • He was consistent. He sure could not have painted all of those images in one day. He must have been putting them together for a while in silence until he was found out and celebrated.
  • There’s always a time of opportunity. One just needs to be ready when the opportunity comes for it to move you in the right direction.
  • In light of the recent divergent opinions on the ‘Olajumoke – The Breadseller turned model’ issue, this case also celebrates the values of hard work, consistency that some were trying to bring to light with the Olajumoke matter, who by the way also got featured on CNN.

This story has given hope to the average Nigerian who’s working hard (without any recognition). It gives them all they need to keep showing up even when it seems like there’s nothing in it.

I want to encourage you today that you should just keep following after your dreams and pursuing relentlessly your passion.

I also got some good news of my own to give someone hope, and I’ll share that soon.

Keep Holding on. Your best is just round the corner.


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