The Things Kids Say – Words I Never Thought I'd Hear My Kids Say

I couldn’t believe my ears!

“Mummy, why is it that mummies do all the work while daddies just rest in the room?”

That came from my daughter (almost 7 year old) as she stood in the kitchen just this morning, as we were getting breakfast before school.

I was so shocked by that question! I could never for the life of me imagine why a child in my home will have such an impression.

More shocking was my son’s response:

“Because he is the head of the family”

Is this really happening? I wondered where all that talk was coming from.

You see in our home, I see us as a 50-50 home. Everyone pitches in whenever necessary. Hubby dearest wakes up at the exact same time as I do, supervising the kids’ bath time while I am getting breakfast and school lunch sorted. He cooks as good as I do – okay maybe not exactly, but no one has ever complained about his cooking. Lol. And there’s no house work that’s beneath him. So, I was a kind of surprised by this conversation.

Anyway, back to our convo, I responded to my kids:

“That’s not true. Your daddy also cooks and does things around the house”

They just refused to agree with me. They insisted that their dad only held the fort whenever I wasn’t home, it seemed like I was the default ‘sole homeworker’, except something else comes up. I just couldn’t get them persuaded about that, you know.

The things kids say though…

For a mom who’s totally for parenting with the future in mind, I take very seriously every word or action of my kids that can influence their decision making or affect their ability to break free from stereotypes.

So, all day I’ve been thinking, where is this idea coming from?

I’ve finally decided, it’s time for some Intervention Emergency Family Meeting. Lol, pardon my big grammar. Oh well, not so much of emergency though – exams have started – it will have to wait until next week. Thankfully, they won’t yet be adults by then.

Kindly let me know if you have any solution for my dilemma. ):

The Journey continues…



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0 thoughts on “The Things Kids Say – Words I Never Thought I'd Hear My Kids Say

    1. You’re so right sis. We are automated to pick up the slack! We are so programmed that way that we actually make a conscious effort to step back in a lot of instances. Even when daddies help, it’s usually from the angle of I’m just helping out, it’s really your job!

  1. LOL. I cant stop laughing. Kids sha. My children have that same convo with me but unlike you, I don’t stand to defend my husband o. I suppose it’s what they perceive they are blotting out. But the family meeting though … my daughter (4yrs old) always insists on family meeting. We don’t say anything. We just hug and tickle each other during our own family meeting o. Oh well, maybe till serious issues come up as they grow older, we will find more tangible issues to discuss. Till then, I am enjoying it all

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