Surprise! Surprise!

Hubby Dearest threw me a Surprise ‘Party’ over the weekend as it was my birthday!

I didn’t believe he had it in him, I couldn’t believe I could be surprised.

You see, I see myself as a ‘Detective’ – seeing things and hearing things others won’t pick out easily. I didn’t think anyone could pull that off so easily. I didn’t have the foggiest idea. Hmmmm, I was thoroughly, pleasantly surprised. In fact, I haven’t totally gotten over it.

During a discussion with one of my sisters (an accomplice in the surprise coup plotting), she said to me:

“You always try to make things happen for everyone else. Now it’s your turn”

To say I was touched will be putting putting it mildly; I was thoroughly humbled.

What she didn’t understand was this:

I love to make others happy. I often wish I could solve everyone’s problems. The truth is I feel good when others are doing well. In my world, there’s no competition; it will be quite cool if we all succeeded together. That will bring me great joy.


Back to the party, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and hubby dearest capped it up with a movie at the cinemas. Every minute of my day was beautiful.

Sometimes, when you try to make things happen for others, you’re only sowing seeds to make your dreams come true.

So, to Hubby Dearest, You Are Simply The Best! I love you to the Moon and Back.

I appreciate everyone that made my day count.


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  1. Hi Seye,

    Awww, so sweet of him. It’s wonderful when loved ones go the extra mile to put a smile on our face. 🙂
    I’m sure you had a very happy birthday, best wishes!

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