7 Ways You Can Help Your Child Handle a New School Well

Is your child starting a new school? Are you anxious? Is your child anxious about the change too?

It’s natural for anyone to be anxious about change. 

Change of any kind comes with its fears and share of ‘what ifs’.

This post will give you seven tips to help your child adjust well in a new school.

tips on how to handle a new school by Oluseye Ashiru Moms Achieving Purpose

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If your child is starting a new school, here are seven tips that  can help your child adjust well to a New School.

  • Visit The New School With Your Child: The school will not look as strange to your child if you have gone on a visit to the school with your child before Resumption. You may want to point out specific places that will be of interest to your child.
  • Get The School Handbook: Read the school handbook with your child. This will prepare your child’s mind about the basic things to expect in terms of rules, and how things work in the new school.
  • Address The Concerns of Your Child: It is only natural for your child to have some fears about the change he’s about to experience. He may be afraid he won’t be able to make any friends, he may think his teacher won’t like him…There are so many things a child could worry about. Don’t ignore or downplay these fears – discuss them with your child and work through them together.

  • Share Your Experiences: Tell your child stories of your own about how you coped with a New School. Your child is likely going to be able to relate more when they know that others have gone through such experiences and come out well. You can also remind your child about when she needed to start something new, like maybe nursery school and how well she coped. This will help to build confidence in their own ability to cope with change.
  • Don’t Let Your Child See Your Fears: No matter how anxious you may be, ensure you let your child know that you trust his ability to cope with the change. Once your child sees your confidence, he’s likely to catch on and feel more at ease.
  • Let Your Child Know That They Can Talk To You or a Teacher about What They are Going Through: Keep yourself open and accessible to your child even after school has started. Let them know that there is nothing they can’t speak with you about. Encourage them to also open up and report to you or to a teacher about things such as bullying or any form of victimisation or issues with school work. This is essential to their mental and  physical health.
  • Pray For Your Child: As mentioned in the last post, you cannot under estimate the place of prayer in helping your child cope.

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Finally, don’t be afraid to change your child’s school if you see that your child is not able to adjust after a considerable length of time.

There may be issues that are affecting your child that may need to be addressed seriously. And it is okay to change your mind anytime!

In these days of cyber bullying and all sorts of harassment on kids, as parents, we need to take extra caution to ensure that our kids are comfortable in their school environment.

We can never be too careful with our children.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Have you ever had to transition to a new school?

How did you help your child to handle this?

Please share in the comments below.

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All The Best In Your New School Year,

Oluseye Ashiru Moms Achieving Purpose

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  1. Very helpful thank you. My children are pre schoolers but its still change and although this is my dream school for them I’ve been so worried. Thank you for the tips .

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