Mom’s Back To School Prayer Guide

Moms Back To School Prayer Guide is a prayer book for all moms.

This book provides an easy to use resource for moms who desire to pray for their children concerning their school, education, health and general well-being for the entire school year and beyond.

As much as we want the best for our Kids, we cannot always be with them.

As a mother of 3 kids, I understand this well enough.

But I know that where I cannot physically go, my prayers can go beyond.

As they navigate the entire school year, ensure that you send your prayers ahead of them.

This way, you can be sure that the school year will be full of good tidings all the way.

And when things look like they are not going the way you like, you can rest assured that God has got your back.

This Prayer Resource contains:

  • Daily Bible Verses to pray
  • Daily Prayer focus and confessions covering 30 Critical areas for your child and for you also
  • Prayers for Single Mom and Special Needs Children are also covered
  • Daily Journalling Space
  • Daily Task Sheet for listing out things to do

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