60 – Minute ‘Pick My Brain’ Clarity Session

Do you need to attack something head on, no - nonsense and fix it fast?

Are you stuck and unsure of what next steps to take in your personal life, career or business?

Will you like to deal with an immediate problem, block or challenge?

This 60-minute breakthrough session is what you need.

I work with women who need support with any of the following areas:

- Discovering your purpose

- Maximizing your time as a mom

- Creating a life plan

- Creating a Schedule to keep you from being overwhelmed

- Turning your passion to profit

- Generating Your Profitable business idea

- Getting your online business/e - commerce business started

- Designing your personal/business/blog website

- Putting Structures in your online business to prevent overwhelm & burnout

- Clarity about writing and publishing your own book

Limited Spaces available for this Breakthrough sessions as they are one-on-one.

Sessions Strictly by Application

Here's What You'll Get From This Session.

After you book a session with me and make payment, here's what happens:

- You get some worksheets and do a little bit of homework: Don't freak out! It's just a few simple questions to help me understand better how to meet your needs. You send your responses back to me at least 48 hours before your session and also send me ANY other issue you would want me to tackle with you on the call.

- I look through your questions, get ready for our session together and come armed with ideas on how you can navigate the tough issues.

- We will have our session either though a phone/Skype call (or any other more convenient one for you) and I will be totally devoted to you for the 60-minute chat that will give you great value and actionable steps to take for the next level.

- After our call, I'd send you some resources that will help you to keep tabs on the actionable steps we discussed and that will keep you moving forward.

- Finally, you go and make things happen! 


Oluseye ashiru John Maxwell Team Mom Coach

Here's what Working with me can do for you

I registered more out of curiosity and quest for personal development. 
I never knew I was just going through the motions and moving in the opposite direction of my destiny. 
I discovered startling revelations about the real me and what I'm meant to be.
This course brought me face to face with reality. It brought me out of the mold that people and circumstances had formed for me. I now live intentionally in the direction of my God given purpose. My joy and confidence level has been on high since then.  I've since moved from being so busy yet so frustrated. 
Thank you for pointing me in the direction of light.
You are the best thing that happened to me this year Oluseye.
- Tosin Sosanya
“I am by nature a perfectionist, introvert and have a tendency to put everyone else’s needs above my own.
Having spent a lifetime putting myself lower on the ladder, I realized that things had to change.
Someone I respect said, The answer you seek is two people away.”
I've known Mrs. Oluseye Ashiru for a while, I just didn't know she was the one God would use to change my life.
She has been God sent to me.
Working with her gave me permission to unapologetically think about me - my purpose, my vision, my dreams, my strengths, my weaknesses, everything about me!
Every conversation has been tailored to burst all the myths one has about oneself or life.
I have become more confident and a better communicator of my feelings and opinions, yes even the unpopular ones. I see my husband take me more seriously these days.
Things that used to worry me, such as other people’s opinions of me don't stress me out any more. I have ultimately learned that I matter, my dreams are valid and that fulfilling God’s purpose for my life should be my reason for living. God bless you, Coach Oluseye!”
- Jocelyn Akinyeye

How Much Will This Cost You?

N15, 000 / $47 / £39

Here's What Other Moms I Have Worked With Have To Say

OYINOLA'S Testimonial about working with Oluseye Ashiru as a Coach and mentor
Oyinola Ogungbe
Lagos, Nigeria

One major take away for me is Intentional living and desire to fulfill purpose in life.

The goal setting sessions are lit!?.

You'd come out feeling like you are ready to take on the whole world.........bring it on you'd scream!!! ?

While I am still work in progress, I will forever be grateful for these life experiences.

Please don't go through life wishing you had it another way.

Seize the opportunity by registering in MOMS CONNECT now!

Thank you Oluseye Ashiru for this amazing vision.

Kehinde Komolafe
Dallas, USA

Life changing, I must say!

This program has helped me to channel my business energy in the right direction.

Believe me, you cannot go wrong joining this group. We set goals and we are followed up to ensure that we achieve those goals.

I also love the spiritual growth I have experienced through Moms Connect.

If you have any challenge in the area of raising your kids, you get practical techniques to tackle those challenges.

You do not want to miss this opportunity. It is so affordable too!

Seun Ige-Adefala
Lagos, Nigeria

Before now. I was a mom with so many great ideas  and big dreams.

One in particular was to Teach/Tutor Maths in the simplest and best way possible.
I wanted to reach the world with this idea but I was too shy (yes I admit) was so timid that I felt I would fail.

Guess what? I was introduced to the Moms Connect group.

I saw others who had laudable ideas too.
Over time, we exchanged ideas, read wonderful inspiring books together, got help in setting Goals with ways to achieve them. We were followed up (still being following up) to ensure we work on our goals.

We look at possible processes, get free tips, people look out for me and showed me diverse windows of opportunity.

I am actually a grateful mom.

Things changed. The year is only 5 months and I feel so fulfilled. Last year, 2016, as at July, I felt like a failure. But this year , it's a New me.

I am so thankful for Moms Connect and for Oluseye Ashiru.

Omosefe Evah
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
In preparation for year 2017, I was looking for something that will challenge me to do more for myself.
I stumbled on Moms Connect on Facebook so I decided to give it a trial.
It has been a wonderful experience connecting with wonderful inspiring women.
Moms Connect has taught me to live intentional and I have been able to take some bold steps as a wife, mother, career wise and spiritually.
There are times I have felt I was not doing enough as a mom/wife however connecting with other moms have made me realized that I am enough and I am doing my best.
Though I am not there yet (work in progress), God is working it out. I have enjoyed every bit of it especially the Mastermind sessions. There is always something new to learn.
So, are you looking for support and mentoring?
Why not join Moms Connect where no one judges your imperfections but help you grow through it.
God bless you Oluseye Ashiru for this wonderful opportunity.

Why You Should Trust Me With Helping you get Results


Oluseye Ashiru is the Team Lead, Moms Achieving Purpose Academy.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker, she is a woman passionate about helping women and in particular mothers discover, embrace and fulfill their God-given purpose and potentials.

She believes that things happen when sleeping women awake.

Oluseye has authored 3 Best Selling internationally published books and she has taught and coached over 500 students through her Moms Achieving Purpose Academy platform.

She leads, mentors and influences over 7,000 women through her various Social Media platforms.

She brings to the table her wealth of experience in her personal life, ministry and businesses.

Oluseye will be the Lead Coach and Mentor for you on this journey.