#Monday Motivation – Unshakable

“…you who are the confidence of all the ends of the earth…” – Psalm 65:5b

It’s another week! A Beautiful one that the Lord has made. Anytime I have the privilege of opening my eyes, I get so excited because of all the possibilities that I can see.

So what about you? Are you excited about the new week? Or are you apprehensive about it? Are you looking at your own capabilities and telling yourself, “No way”? Are you checking out your present circumstances and you just know without a shadow of doubt there’s no way you can achieve all that you have set out to do?

That’s fine. You really don’t need to have it all together. It’s not really about you or your abilities we are talking about here, you know. It’s about God and His immeasurable power. He is able to do so much more than you can imagine. Let your eyes be on him and not on your abilities.


He is the confidence of all the ends of the earth. Make Him your confidence too.

As you move into this week, see yourself riding on the wings of God’s grace and power. Keep your eyes glued to Him for underneath you are His everlasting arms. He can carry you.

Remain unshakable. Keep Your confidence in Him.

Keep Soaring,

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