#Monday Motivation

I saw these words somewhere and it stuck to me:

“Don’t wish for it, work for it”

It’s another Monday and the beginning of a new week; as a matter of fact, the first Monday in a new quarter. In my Hello April post, I tried to bring words of encouragement about perseverance even when you feel like giving up.

The last quarter is gone and you can only work with what you have within your grasp. My son asked me the other day:

“Mummy, what does ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride’ mean?”

I paused for a few seconds before giving him an explanation he could understand:

If you could achieve your aims simply by wishing for them, life would be very easy.

How very true!

In this new week, you can’t afford to merely wish – you need to accompany that with doing too. Turn your dreams into reality by ensuring you’re getting things done. Don’t just leave things to chance, make positive efforts in the right direction of your goals and desires in this new week.

Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back, you’re indeed the author of your own play, your own greatest motivator.

This week is yours, make sure you own it and shape it into what you want it to be like.

the week is yours

If you have any trouble trying to figure out what steps to take in turning those dreams to reality, you can just contact me and I’ll be willing to help you in the process.

Have a fulfilling week.


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