Moms Retreat


Relax, Refresh, Renew

Mamas rarely make out time for themselves. We love to give and give some more. But how do we keep pouring from an empty cup?

Give yourself the gift of relaxation this Mother's Day by signing up to attend our Mother's Day Retreat this year. We understand that you are already thinking about why it won't work for you. Wait just a minute! You can do this one thing for yourself this year just because Mom also deserves a break and some time to herself.

What's The Mom Retreat All About?

Learn Self-Care
Moms are in the habit of piling up their days full of activities that they often do not stop to refill. At this retreat, you will learn what it means to take a pause and to truly learn the art of self-care.
Relax & Refresh
The main essence of taking out the weekend at our moms retreat is so that you can rest, relax and get refreshed. All the activities we have planned out for this weekend will help you to do just that.
Feel Less Alone
Being in the company of other women and moms just like you will help you to keep things in perspective. You will know that you are not alone and you can spend time enjoying the company of other women with no husbands and children.


Time Alone

When last did you take a break from the tiring activities of the mom life?

You will truly spend time by yourself and only with other moms as husbands and children are not allowed at our mom retreats.

Good Food

Whether it's continental or African dishes, you will have a variety of meals to choose from.

We will provide you with meals beginning from Dinner on Friday to Breakfast on Sunday Morning.

Corporate Prayer & Personal Quiet Time

You will have the opportunity to spend time alone with God in prayer as well as take time to pray with other moms.

You will leave refreshed, renewed and rekindled with direction and clarity about your life.

Activities To Refresh & Relax

You will have the opportunity to spend some time in the pool, at the gym and also have a spa session.

Does that sound life fun?

Themed Games & Interactive Discussions

We plan to have fun as well as learn something to help us on our Mom Journey.

This year, we will have two sessions of interactive discussions anchored by two speakers.

Movie Night & Pizza Time

Have you ever been to a sleep over / slumber party?

Picture yourself having the fun of your life at our Movie Night watching a movie that will be fun and also offer lessons for us as women and mothers.

Photo Session

Feel glammed up at a photo session organized for you to get both a personal picture of you taken.

We will also have a general photo session with other participants at the Moms Retreat.

Glam Night

This is our Final Dinner Event where we Celebrate ourselves as mothers.

We dress up and look great, spend time together having fun and being joyful for being women.

What Will All These Fabulous Things Cost Me?

For Just N50, 000 you can be a part of this awesome weekend with other moms.


We really want you to be a part of this. That's why we are offering you a chance to pay in two instalments. You can make your payment twice up to one month before the retreat to enable us make adequate planning for you.

Can you see how much we really will love for you to relax and have fun? Take advantage of this opportunity.

Please note that your first instalment is due latest by the end of January.



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