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Mom Alone?

You have found yourself single, whether by choice or not! And you’re on this Mom journey alone, raising your kid without help from a spouse.

Raising kids even where the two parents are there can be quite tasking, not to consider adding the stress of being and doing it alone.

How do you keep it altogether as a Single Mom?


Here are a few tips (non-exhaustive though) to help you as you do this parenting alone:

  • Try to find people who have been in your present situation before and have made it through, raising responsible children. Let their stories give you inspiration and learn from their own lives.
  • Try to spend as much time as you can with your child, considering the fact that he gets all the parent time from only you.


  • Have a circle of friends to include homes where both parents are present. This will provide your child great examples of role models he can also emulate.
  • As much as you desire to give your child quality time, also learn to have some ‘me-time’. This will give you a breather from the overwhelming task of ‘Mommying’
  • Don’t allow the hurt of being in a situation of a single Mom be projected unto your child. Help that child know that even though things may not have worked out for both his parents to be present, there are still good people out there, who he can aspire to be like.

Be The Best Mom you can be to your child.

there-will-be-so-many-times-you-feel-like-youve-failed-but-in-the-eyes-heart-and-mind-of-your-child-you-are-super-mom (1)

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