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I hear it all the time!

I can't focus on the things I would love to do.

I have great ideas but no time to focus on them.

I find myself always procrastinating on the things that matter to me.

I need the right push to make me stay committed and consistent with my dreams.

I know that if I got someone to guide me through or help me to be committed, I could achieve a lot.

I need to stop spending my time on unimportant tasks so I can focus on the things that matter to me.

It seems as if I'm always rushing through life tired and overwhelmed with all the things I need to do and I don't even get to the things I REALLY want to do!

I am always excited whenever I find people who are sincerely interested in their personal goals and development

and who are truly walking their talk - People just like you!

How do I know this?

You found this page and that makes me know that you are passionate about growth and you desire to make a difference.

The Maximize Time To Fulfill Purpose Online Course is a tool to equip you to create time for the things that matter you by ensuring that you prioritize and learn how to effectively do the things you love, so that you can live a life of abundance and true satisfaction.

It's not a way for you to more, but for you to do less by harnessing the power of focus.

This course is not a magic wand that will wave away all your troubles when it comes to maximizing your time effectively.

It is a coaching program that helps you to dig deeper into yourself to bring out the answers that are already within you.

I do not use the term 'time management' on this course because it is impossible to manage time, we can only manage ourselves to use our time better.

The basis of this course is to help you:

  • Clarify your life's vision
  • Articulate what is important to you
  • Learn how to prioritize those important areas of your life
  • Know what to do to put your life in sync
  • Get equipped with the tools to help you stay on track as you maximize your time effectively
  • Discover how to keep track to ensure that you meet your important targets
Course Fee
N25,000 / $77
What The Course Covers

Get On Track in 21 Days

Online Access

Downloadable Course Materials

Mobile Friendly Course Platform

Get a Clear Vision for Your Life

Articulate & Prioritize The Things That Matter to you

Get Equipped With The Tools to Stay on Track

Meet Your Targets Every Single Time

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Why You Should Work With Me

Oluseye Ashiru John maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker Mom Coach and Clarity Coach


My name is Oluseye Ashiru and I am the Team Lead, Moms Achieving Purpose Academy.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker, I am a woman passionate about helping women and in particular mothers discover, embrace and fulfill their God-given purpose and potentials.

I believe very strongly that things happen when sleeping women awake. This is evident in the the lives of the thousands of women I have had the opportunity of mentoring and coaching over the years.

I have been able to author 3 Best Selling internationally published books and taught and coached over 500 students through her Moms Achieving Purpose Academy platform.

I have also had the honour of leading, mentoring and influencing over 7,000 women through my various Social Media platforms.

I also bring to the table my over 14 years wealth of experience in my career, personal life, ministry and businesses.

I have been where you are now, confused and unsure about how to get the kind of results I knew I should be getting from all my numerous talents, skills and abilities. I started to seek clarity and I am ready to help you along the same journey and help you to go from Overwhelm to Peace and Tranquility that comes from being on top of your Mom Game! 

What Others Have To Say About Working With me

“You will be taking the right step by joining this program.

The gains are many from spiritual upliftment to spurring you on to achieve your business goals to networking with God fearing women! Well done Oluseye”

You Cannot Go Wrong With Oluseye Adekunbi, CEO Flavee Foods (Abuja, Nigeria)

“This program is life changing.

It has helped me to channel my business energy in the right direction.

I have also grown spiritually. It is a total package!

I am a testimony of this amazing program”

This Program is Life Changing Kehinde Komolafe, Honeydipfingerz (Dallas, Texas)

The Coaching Session was a Mining Experience

“I will call it in a Nut Shell, the Mining Experience.

And the Precious Resource I was Digging for was ME…

I was covered in past , present limitations, uncertain future, and more.
I was searching for the wrong things and at different stages, only to discover I was covered up.

Every stage of this process was worth it …

Thank you for giving such a wonderful gift that money cannot buy and in fact helping all the way to appreciate and enjoy the usefulness of the gift.”

The Precious Treasure I was Digging for was Me Oluwaseun Ige - Adefala, The Maths Coach

“…I entered the program looking for solutions but came out being a solution provider.

All these was made possible because the convener and facilitator has been unique and down to earth.

She understands and empathizes with the women folk because she is also a woman, wife and mother and is therefore able to approach each and everyone of the participants not with judgement, but with understanding and encouragement.

Many thanks and love to Oluseye Ashiru for this vision to help women succeed in life.”

I Became a Solution Provider Toyin Babs - Enoch

One major take away for me is Intentional living and desire to fulfill purpose in life.

The goal setting sessions are lit!

You’d come out feeling like you are ready to take on the whole world………bring it on you’d scream!!! ?

While I am still work in progress, I will forever be grateful for these life experiences.

Please don’t go through life wishing you had it another way.

Seize the opportunity now!

Thank you Oluseye Ashiru for this amazing vision.

OYINOLA'S Testimonial about working with Oluseye Ashiru as a Coach and mentor
I am Learning Intentional Living Oyinola Ogungbe, Owner Brown Jewel


Ever driven on a stormy night…?
Fogged windshield, wipers furiously waving, slowing, stopping, forging ahead cos you’re not really sure of your path(s), what the destination is or how to get there?
Achieving the generally accepted trappings of ‘success’ without a clear purpose or direction to really drives you from the depths of your soul…?
God brought Oluseye into my life EXACTLY when I needed her value and when He knew I could handle the electric shock into purpose (even before I realised it).
Testimonial for Working with Oluseye Ashiru as a Clarity Coach
I Loved Working With Oluseye Funmi Ayowole, Marketing & Communications Professional

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