“Making The Most of 2016” – Vlog


It’s not enough to have good desires or intentions for this new year.

We already are halfway into February! If you haven’t started to run with your goals, there’s no better time than Today to begin.

Check Out These few Tips I put together on this Tips video for making the best of the rest of the Year.

[Background Music: I Know Who I am By Sinach]

It’s Never Too Late To Start!

All The Best in the remaining part of the year,

Signature striving Nigerian mom

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  1. I’m having to rebrand everything because of an issue that has yet to be resolved: I was shut down by Facebook…

    So I’m reworking the 2016 vision…in other words, you can’t keep us down…where there’s a will…there’s a way and that way is trust in God!

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