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I have Got The Best Daddy in The World…

I’ve Got The Best Daddy in The World…

I don’t even know who wrote this song, but it is by far one of my husband’s favorite songs ever…

Here’s a Happy Father’s Day To all our ‘Striving Dads’ – you know you’re simply the best.


To all Men waiting for the opportunity  to show their ‘Fathering’ skills, Happy Father’s Day! Soon,  you’ll carry your bundle of Joy.


And to all moms who play both Roles – Father and Mother – we salute you today and always.


And to another Special Set of Fathers – the ones who made a deliberate choice to be a father to an already existing child – we celebrate you too. Happy Father’s Day To all Step Dads, you’re amazing!


We celebrate you all today!
May the Lord grant you the grace to see the reward of all your sacrifices.

We Love You All,
Oluseye Ashiru.

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