Internet Safety Series #2 – How To Handle Internet Apps

Internet APPS and Their Risk Factors

In the last Vlog in our Internet Safety Series, we looked at 4 Major Threats on The Internet for Our Kids.


You can see that post here.


In this post, we continue our Internet Safety series as we look at the APPS we use regularly,.and those our children are exposed to.

We also look at what we can do to ensure that we safe guard our children from inappropriate exposure and other risk factors while they use these apps.

✔ Do you know that the APPS on your device have some risk factors associated with them? ?

✔ Do you also know what those risks are? ?

✔ How Can You Help Your Child tackle those risks?

Watch This Video and learn a whole lot that can help your child handle the internet better ???


What are your thoughts?

I would love to hear from you about how you help your children to keep safe on the internet.

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