In Laws – A Necessary Evil?

“In Laws Are Generally Bad People!” I hear this a lot.

But is it only In-Laws that are bad? I have seen certain situations where even family members treat you worse than your in-laws. What then should be your mind set? Your mindset can make a huge difference in giving you peace of mind with In Law relationships.

In Laws – A Necessary Evil?.

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0 thoughts on “In Laws – A Necessary Evil?

  1. True that, but we must just be kind to people regardless of who they are and what they do to us. It is frustrating tho when you treat people(in laws) like Diamond and they treat you like Flip flop!!!

    1. I quite agree. Quite difficult to keep being nice to people who treat you like crap. That’s where the Grace of God comes to Play. We must keep asking for Grace to Love No matter what.

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