If Tomorrow Does Not Show Up – Here is why you should be present in every moment

I was once at a gathering of women where the speaker was giving an exhortation.

Of all that she said, the line of thought that stayed with me and keeps me going even till now was:

“What if tomorrow never comes?”
“What if you never get married?”
“What if you never own a house?”

Her point was this:

We are always waiting and watching for the ‘Next Big Thing’ to happen to us that we fail to actually live today. We are so focused on tomorrow that we completely ignore today; so hooked on the future that we allow our today to be relegated.

Truly, what if Tomorrow Doesn’t Show up?

“I won’t use that perfume I’ve been saving for years till I’m married.”

What if marriage never comes?

“I won’t use my special place mats till I move into my own house.”

What if you never do?

“I won’t buy a better car till I turn 40.”

What if 40 never comes?

The essence of this post is not to discourage planning for the future. Rather, it is to ensure that you are not so fixated on the future at the expense of the present.

It’s good to plan, it’s also good to take time to enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going.


have had some experiences in the last few months that have given me a cause to reinforce this message to myself :

“Don’t let the fear of your tomorrow steal the joy of your today.”

So, join me – Make up your mind to Live, Laugh and Love today!

Tomorrow may never show up.


All the Best Dear Daughter of God,
Oluseye Ashiru

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