I am Turning a New Chapter

Whew! It’s Been a while now. A mom has got to rest.

The festivities are over and I am sooo back to reality. Wish the holidays could last forever,  but then it would become boring after a while – As human beings, we are wired for ‘doing’.

Anyway, on the last day of 2014, in a post on our Facebook page (StrivingNigerianMom), I tried to encourage us as moms to take charge of 2015. The crux of the gist was to share a few strategies to ensuring that this year will indeed be a New Chapter for you.

So, here goes the summary of the post:

  • Plan Ahead. This may sound a bit late now as we already are in 2015! But hey, no worries, there are still several ways to plan ahead, the year is still very young. In planning, you want to set yourself specific targets. This doesn’t mean you’ll end up achieving them all, but you will be guided. And you may end up doing things beyond what you thought. A case in question is how StrivingNigerianMom started, it wasn’t one of my 2014 goals at all. It just happened, and I am glad it did. So, please aim at something in 2015. Know your expectations for yourself, your home,  your children…you fill the blanks.


  • Make Specific Plans Towards Achieving your goal. Don’t expect that life will come serve you your heart desire on a platter of gold without you lifting a finger. You have to do something about that desire and that expectation. For instance one of my little personal goals in the immediate future is to organise my children’s food menu better. So, how do I hope to achieve this? I want to change their weekly menu to be more nutritious, cutting out or reducing some less nutritious items. I am exploring new ideas for the kids in their diet, incorporating more fruits and vegetables, encouraging them to try some other things, using a menu planner to aid in grocery shopping… I am trying to make this work. I have developed a grocery list on this site at our Downloadable Resources Section here So if you find yourself working on a similar goal as I am, or you need help in keeping a comprehensive Grocery List, please feel free to download and use this resource or any of the others.


  • Ask Questions. No one knows it all and you’ll be surprised that someone else has done something similar to what you want to do before. You can seek help in knowing how to proceed in achieving your goal. I love this saying”he who asks for directions doesn’t lose his way”.


In 2015, do all you can to meet your own expectations.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Let your year count, may it be your best year ever. Go confidently in the direction of your goals.


On This Journey Together,

Oluseye Ashiru.

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