Huffington Post Here I Come – How I Became a Huffington Post Blogger and How You Can Too

While doing some research last week about some random thing, I stumbled on this post on how to become a Huffington Post writer. I had never actually given it any thought before I saw that post. I read through and I said, “why not?”

So, I just sent an email to the Editor-In-Chief [Arianna] herself. According to that article, it usually takes about 2 weeks for them to respond to you if they will respond, or they may not even respond at all. As I sent in a copy of one of my articles, I had resigned myself to waiting for the 2 week period. You can only imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw an email from Arianna giving the green light in less than 24 hours.

It took another day for me to get my login details and another few days for me to submit my post and here we are – I’m live on Huffington post.

Why did I decide to try? I just thought it would be nice to write somewhere else apart from my blog for a change! I hope I find it a good experience too.

You can take a look at my article here. And don’t forget to show me some love by becoming a fan of mine over there as well. I look forward to having you all do that, will you? You can just click on this link and be a fan of mine.

If you’re also thinking of getting published there, you can do as I did. Just send an email to arianna [at], with a copy of a post you want published. It doesn’t have to be a fresh post. It could be something you’ve posted on your blog before too. Don’t forget to attach it as a word or pdf document and also paste it into the body of the email to make it easy for the editorial team to read.

All the best and don’t forget to go see my post over there. Just Click Here


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  1. Congrats sister. You have made a good move. I recently began writing for other sites too. It’s been a wonderful learning and reaching out experience altogether. I have no doubts that you will have the same or even better experience. All the best dearie.

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