Hot Mama, Sexy Mama!!!

Hot Mama, Sexy Mama!

This is a common phrase nowadays – everyone, especially Moms, trying their best to remain ‘hot’ and ‘on the market’. I am all for looking great and taking care of yourself. It’s nice to hear people say, “Wow, you still look good after 2, 3, 4 kids” and of course every woman loves to hear that she’s looking ‘hot and snazzy’.

sexy mom

It’s so easy to get carried away though. When all the attention is now on physical looks as opposed to beautifying the internal, then we may have the case of ‘beauty without brains’.

‘Sexualization’ can be described as finding value only from a person’s sexual behaviour or appeal, without considering other characteristics. That is, when someone is only about how ‘sexy’ they are. There’s nothing wrong with being desired by a man, but when all you’re wanted for is sexual pleasure, then there’s a problem.

And as mothers, our children often tend to look to us for affirmation in a whole lot of things, especially our daughters. What then is the message we pass across when we are all about our looks, and remaining hot and sexy?


Do we encourage our children to lay more emphasis on their looks and appearance as against other more lasting attributes? It’s not uncommon these days to see little girls dressed up like adults, sometimes they are even more dressed up than you as an adult! And the issue of dressing them in skimpies too…I wonder how to keep the ‘little’ in your ‘little girl’ nowadays.

 sexy child cropped

If your outer appearance is more important to you than anything else, chances are that you’ll pass the same perspective to your child.

Have you been guilty of this in the past? How did you handle it? And How can you discourage your child from placing too much attention on outward looks to the detriment of more lasting character traits?

Your feedback will be appreciated. I’d love to know what you think?

Oluseye Ashiru

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7 thoughts on “Hot Mama, Sexy Mama!!!

  1. Good read! Always a good reminder to think about what we are teaching our kids…through our dress, behaviour, tv and even in books…My boys are into superheroes and this is the first time I’m thinking about Wonder Woman’s costume 🙂 My son asked why she isn’t wearing any clothes…so innocent.

    1. Thank You for your feedback. Our values reflect on our children a great deal. And unfortunately those who the society hold in high esteem have now become role models for our kids, giving us more work to do. We often have to help them see their own worth and value from the right perspective, not necessarily from the popular opinion.
      Lol about Wonder Woman’s Costume though. I often envy the moms of boys. *wink*

  2. I agree, there is so much emphasis placed on outer appearances these days. I appreciate moms who thrive on passing down their inner beauty traits and have a healthy beauty balance. There seems to be a constant push for more sexy and hot mamas coming from all directions.

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