The Halleluyah Challenge – How a Mom Can Handle It like a Boss

Have you joined in the Halleluyah Challenge?

Quite a number of us have joined the challenge by Nathaniel Bassey and we are half way gone now.

This challenge is a time of worship where believers gather together on social media [Facebook & Instagram] and worship God together.

Over 60,000 people and counting have been doing these worship sessions since June 1st and it will end on June 30th, 2017.

To join, all you need to do is follow Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram or on Facebook.

Staying awake for 30 days between 12 midnight and 1 am may be taking its toll on moms who are already sleep deprived.


How Moms Can Enjoy the Halleluyah Challenge by Nathaniel Bassey

How do you suppose you can handle it like a boss?

1. Remember that planning is key. For a mom who needs to get up and go to work the next day, or get the children ready for school early the next morning, it may be a challenge.
Plan ahead from wherever you are. Use your phone or journal and write out the things you need to tackle ahead of the next day way before you get home. This will help you to remain focused on the task at hand as soon as you get home so that you can get ready for the next day without wasting time.

2. Debunk the idea that you cannot worship God and do house chores. If you wait until you get a perfect time slot to pray as a mom, you should know by now that you may wait forever. Rather than do your chores before the challenge, you could spend some time resting when you get home and then do your chores, get ready for the next day during the worship session. You can do activities that are not mind engaging as you worship God.

3. Ask God for strength. This seems like a no brainer right? A lot of times, we forget to pray about the challenges we face as moms and just believe that it will be sorted. Pray to God for strength to go through this time of worship.

4. Don’t feel guilty if you must miss a day. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy by loading you with guilt because you needed to take a break from the session. All you need to do is rest if you must and join in the next time.

So, whether you are new mom, working mom, stay at home mom, work at home mom, you can still be a part of this challenge if you want to.

What about you? How have you been doing with the challenge?

Care to share your own strategy with us? You can please drop your comments below in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “The Halleluyah Challenge – How a Mom Can Handle It like a Boss

  1. Thanks sis Seye, number 2 point is a very good strategy. Another strategy is watching the replay in the morning and worshiping along, the presence of God is so palpable even in the replay. God bless you for this article.

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