Embrace The Interruptions

Before having kids, we all imagined having the picture perfect moments of motherhood. At least, I did.

I, for one, believed that I could schedule everything and everybody.

I love schedules!

Alas, this was only in my dreams.

I particularly remember all the precious Bible Study moments I had before I got married. I could spend hours praying and reading my bible without a single moment of interruption. I would read and study with various study materials and it was such a great feeling of joy being in God’s Presence.

Fast forward to married life and of course motherhood. I imagined that even if I couldn’t spend hours at a stretch, I could at least spend uninterrupted minutes by myself studying and praying.

Did I imagine right? I wish.

I have now become such an expert in doing mothering and praying/study/ and a host of other things together.

Motherhood and interruptions go hand in hand. Don’t wish those moments of interruption away. They will form the precious moments of life that your children will remember forever.

Don’t snap at the kids when they interrupt your precious quiet moments with their numerous questions [easier said than done right?]

Let your kids see you praying and reading your bible. Let them catch you taking issues that bother you to God.

That’s how they will learn to handle issues that will confront them as they grow older.

It’s true that you should also have some moments of quietness as part of your daily routine. We all need those moments I can assure you. But, don’t forget to embrace the interruptions of motherhood. It only makes the journey more colourful.

Well, I still love my schedules and if you’d like access to my many free downloadable mom templates, get access here.

Yours On The Journey,

Oluseye Ashiru

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  1. I totally agree with you Oluseye,I just wrote a poem about reflections unburdening my heart to God for the interruptions that seems to pull one away from sweet intense communion with God. Thanks for sharing my heart Sis.

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