Daughters Pray – Prayer For Waiting Moms

“God makes a home for the lonely…” – Psalm 68:6

Dear Daughter,

Following from the Mother’s day Celebration on Sunday [in my part of the world], I felt a burden for some of my sisters who wish they could celebrate with Joy, but are not able to. For some of them, year in year out, they hope that by the Next Mother’s Day, they would have a cause to also be celebrated amongst mothers. They might have been smiling all through the day just so they wouldn’t be tagged ‘Jealous’ or ‘Envious’ by their fellow Sisters. They had to act like they flowed with all the jubilation and celebration going on around them!

This Morning, our Prayers are focused on these Dear Daughters of God.

If you’re a Mom already, please pray for your sisters. If you’re one of the sisters still believing God for Your Own husband, Pray that you will locate each other speedily. If you’re one of our sisters married but without kids, pray that The Lord will make your joy to be full, and that you will soon rejoice.

solitary in families

This Morning we Pray:

  • Father, we thank You for the privilege to come into your presence Day In day Out
  • We thank You for all our sisters trusting you for their own mates and their own children
  • We thank You because You alone are worthy to be relied upon
  • We connect to your promise this morning for all Our Single sisters trusting you for their husbands and we pray that in a time shorter than they anticipate, their own mates will locate them
  • We Pray that all our sisters will receive the strength to hold on till their Time of Rejoicing, they will not become too weary to hold on
  • We Declare that their mouths shall be filled with laughter and their Joy will be full

“He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the LORD!” -Psalm 113:9

  • We pray for all our sisters trusting God for children this morning
  • We speak to every organ in their bodies to begin to function as needed to bring forth their children
  • We declare that you are Mothers of your children, you will laugh last
  • We declare that The promise of The Lord concerning you will come to pass
  • The Lord will give you a Family, making you a Happy Mother.
  • Father, we thank you because we know that You have heard us, and have answered our Prayer.

We Pray in Jesus’ name.

Rejoice!!! It won’t be long Now…


Oluseye Ashiru

‘Daughters Pray’ is an Initiative of and prayer sessions are published Every Tuesday.

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