A Series on Child Abuse…An Ongoing Effort


Child Abuse is the mistreatment of a child by an adult or by another child in such a way as to endanger that child is affected physically,  emotionally or psychologically.

So much has been said about making all efforts to keep our children safe.

May I please reiterate here that keeping our kids safe is a long term concerted effort and we can’t afford to fall asleep at this duty post.


Mom,  vigilance is the key to avoiding all the different forms of abuse. We cannot afford to slack in this all important task. Our Treasures are ours to safe guard, please do all you can to keep them safe to the best of your ability.

The most important part of keeping your child safe is developing a great relationship with them.

  • Encourage them to speak with you about anything and everything
  • Prompt them to always speak with you about how their day went
  • Help them to realise that there’s no need to keep secrets from you
  • Teach them that not every adult does the right thing and that they have a right to say No to whatever makes them uncomfortable


Another important thing is to always ensure that you’re comfortable with whoever your child is with at every point in time when they are away from you. Don’t feel awkward if you need to verify that such a person is indeed on the same page as you as far as safety of your child is concerned.

It can only be for the best.


Oluseye Ashiru

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