What Are Your Plans For Summer?

It’s almost summer and a lot of folks are getting ready for the holidays.
What are your plans for summer? This is the right time to start thinking about this, you know.
Whatever your plans may be, if they include going to the U.S.A., I have a great recommendation for you.
This is not a paid post, so I am giving you my candid opinion about this service.

el paso
Looking for the best Long Stay Accommodation in EL PASO, Texas?
Do you intend to come to the USA to deliver your baby?
Coming alone to the US and you need guidance and hospitality that will provide comfort of home?
Then you can rely on the services of HIS GRACE LODGE. At rooms starting from $188 a week, you can be sure you are getting a great deal out of this.
Some of their services include:

Providing one vehicle (free of charge) to occupants at the lodge that have international driver’s license to ease the burden of transportation

Free laundry

Free Airport Pick Up

Free pick up for groceries once a week to Walmart.

This bespoke accommodation was designed with pregnant women (especially those with kids and who won’t mind great company) in mind.

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They also offer Free Chaperon Services:

1. Free transportation to the very first OB/GYN medical appointment for every occupant residing in the Lodge when they first arrive. 2. One free transportation to the TOP F African Food Store for purchase of desired African food items at arrival at the lodge. 3. We provide one vehicle (free of charge) to occupants at the lodge that have international driver’s license to ease the burden of transportation. 4. Additionally, the HisGraceLodge will provide occupants at the lodge with transportation to the grocery store once, weekly, in order to buy grocery food and other items desired at the grocery store.

Other Freebies include:

1. Free pickup from the airport, so long it doesn’t clash with other appointments.

2. You don’t have to pay to wash like the hotels, there’s a jacuzzi outside, a lovely backyard to relax and play area for kids. Not forgetting free Wifi.

Free Barbecue meal preparation for occupants at the HisGraceLodge once every month as good gesture.

If you are already taken by this great review and want more information, please check below for more details on how to contact them.

Call +1 504-428-4270 or visit our website
Facebook: Hisgracelodge
Instagram : Hisgracelodge
El Paso has been ranked as the safest large city in the USA for the 3rd straight year. For more info, check out the following link.
Please Note That Moms Achieving Purpose is not in any way affiliated with His Grace Lodge. This post is only given as a review of their services.
All the best as you make your travel plans.
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