Internet Safety Series #1 – 4 Internet Threat Points For Your Child

The internet is a beautiful place with so much information on just about anything!

As useful as the internet is; there is also its dark sides.

For each time our children come in contact with the cyber world there’s always the risk that they will be caught up with at least one of these 4 risk areas.

Internet safety is first and foremost the responsibility of any intentional parent.

We are the ones to ensure that our children understand the nature of the challenges that the internet brings.

Watch This Video below to learn more about the 4 Major Risk areas that you need to be aware of to keep your child safe from the dark side of the internet.

I know that this video has taught you a lesson or two.

Don’t keep it to yourself.

Let someone else know about the dangers on the internet.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Safety Series #1 – 4 Internet Threat Points For Your Child

    1. Thank you for also stopping by to read this.

      I went over to your blog and I must say you’re doing a fantastic job with empowering girls. God bless you.

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