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2016 Starts Now – Prayers for The New Year Day 16

“When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the LORD blessed him. He became a very rich man, and his wealth continued to grow. He acquired so many flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and servants that the Philistines became jealous of him. So the Philistines filled up all of Isaac’s wells with dirt. These were the wells that had been dug by the servants of his father, Abraham.

Finally, Abimelech ordered Isaac to leave the country. “Go somewhere else,” he said, “for you have become too powerful for us.”

So Isaac moved away to the Gerar Valley, where he set up their tents and settled down. He reopened the wells his father had dug, which the Philistines had filled in after Abraham’s death. Isaac also restored the names Abraham had given them.

Isaac’s servants also dug in the Gerar Valley and discovered a well of fresh water. But then the shepherds from Gerar came and claimed the spring. “This is our water,” they said, and they argued over it with Isaac’s herdsmen. So Isaac named the well Esek (which means “argument”). Isaac’s men then dug another well, but again there was a dispute over it. So Isaac named it Sitnah (which means “hostility”). Abandoning that one, Isaac moved on and dug another well. This time there was no dispute over it, so Isaac named the place Rehoboth (which means “open space”), for he said, “At last the LORD has created enough space for us to prosper in this land.” – Genesis 26;12-22

We are halfway gone with our Prayers for 2016.

If you’re yet to take these prayers seriously, I’ll suggest you do that soon and also, kindly invite your friends to be a part of it.

Today, we continue with prayers from the same chapter of the Bible we prayed with yesterday.

  • Father, we are so grateful to You for Your numerous blessings upon our lives in the last 15 Days. We return all praise and adoration to You.
  • Lord, we acknowledge and know that the challenges of 2016 will come as we enter into a new level of prosperity and abundance in the next year.
  • So, we ask for Grace to keep moving in the face of the numerous challenges that may come our way. We ask for a new level of grace never to give up.
  • Lord, every source of supply that has dried up or that has been stopped by the enemy, I declare that they begin to open up right now in Jesus name.
  • When we see the enemy trying to cut short Your blessings and breakthroughs, help us to keep digging and to keep waging war against the enemy.
  • Lord, we pray that You will take us from the level of just enough to a new level if more than enough room.
  • Lord, I declare that I am stepping into my Rehoboth in Jesus name.
  • I cease from every struggle and from every form of oppression of the enemy
  • Lord, I silence every contending force against my life, my home, work, my family… (insert as applicable) in Jesus name.
  • Lord, settle and establish me on every side.
  • Nothing and no one will stop me from moving into the level of blessing and grace You have set out for me in Jesus name.
  • Thank You Lord because You have heard and answered as we have prayed in Jesus name.

We Continue tomorrow by His Grace.

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