I Have Good News For You

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I truly have good news for you! I am so excited to announce to you that our Online Course on Starting Your Business from Home in 30 Days is starting soon. Yippee! Do you want to learn the Step-By-Step process for getting your own business started? Are you truly interested in starting up a profitable business in 30 days? If you are really committed to getting your home business started, then this is a sure […]

Mom Tips – How A Daily Routine Can Help You Save Time

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Are you the mom, chauffeur, dress mender, cook, steward, teacher, business mogul, slay queen, hot wife…?     With the endless list of things you need to do on your plate, how do you get through the numerous things you need to do as a mom? Recently, I realized that the Tip I am about to share with you has had tremendous impact on getting things done for me. Gone are the days of trying […]

Your Contribution Is Enough

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I have a dear friend that once said to me: “It’s because of my input that my husband can be comfortable be a Pastor”. She probably may not remember, but I do. And I remember all the time. A lot of us women are so quick to look down on ourselves and even allow others to look down on us. I often hear a lot of mothers, especially the stay at home mothers, say: ” […]

Stay-At-Home Mom? You Need To See This

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“If you consider the career milestones, social dexterity, and entrepreneurial escapades your mates or at least women are making in the society and world at large, it may just make you feel insignificant and look like you are not doing much. But you are. There are seasons in life, some are busy, some are quiet. Just recognize which you are in…”