Embrace The Interruptions

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Before having kids, we all imagined having the picture perfect moments of motherhood. At least, I did. I, for one, believed that I could schedule everything and everybody. I love schedules! Alas, this was only in my dreams. I particularly remember all the precious Bible Study moments I had before I got married. I could spend hours praying and reading my bible without a single moment of interruption. I would read and study with various […]

Laid Back, Plain Lazy or Just Can't Be Bothered?

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So while we have the Strong Willed Child who is ready to insist on doing what he wants, we also have the Child who never seems to want to do anything at all! How do you know if your child is Laid Back or Just Plain Lazy? How Can You Help Your Child To be useful to herself and others? Check Out This Post… http://wp.me/p5l41f-4u Oluseye Ashiru www.strivingnigerianmom.com www.deardaughterofgod.com

Better Late Than Never – 2014 Review of StrivingNigerianMom

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As the year 2014 was drawing to a Close, StrivingNigerianMom started, and the first post on this Blog ‘Will The Real Moms Please Stand Up?‘ was Published exactly two months ago on November 14, 2014. As short as our blogging journey has been, I must confess it’s been great! And this is thanks to everyone who has viewed this blog, read the posts, liked them, commented on them, taken our advice, shared the posts… So, […]