Beyond Proverbs 31 – The Role of Women

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Our model Scriptures when it comes to how we should live our lives as women is often restricted to Proverbs 31. If we stretch that a bit, we can mention Ephesians 5. Should my role as a woman only be limited to these portions of Scripture. By the way, these only address married women. So, what should a single woman do? Nothing? No wonder our society makes us feel like your life as a single […]

“Mummy You Forgot To Hug Daddy” – How God Used My 2 -Year Old To Teach Me A Valuable Lesson

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My two year old daughter never misses her goodbye hug. If she goes out, she will come back to say “Mummy, big hug..” And I would take some time to give her a hug and also give my husband another hug as they set out for the day. This morning, she came in as usual, and as they stepped out of the door, she said:

Do Your Kids Need To See You Argue?

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When it comes to the issue of disagreement between a couple, there are those who believe that the kids should never have to witness their parents disagree. Their point is that these experiences may affect children emotionally. It is true that when a relationship is always about fights and violence, it could have serious traumatic and emotional consequences for kids. [Read More About This Here] Some, on the hand, believe it’s okay for parents to […]

He Cheated – How To Handle Infidelity In Marriage 2

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Other than loosing a spouse to death, one of the most trying moments of any marriage is when there is an issue of infidelity.  It’s true that trust has been betrayed, and the human in us wants to take revenge, or at least hurt back in the way we’ve been hurt, we must just stay strong and behave like the children of God that we are. Now that the facts have been established concerning your […]