#Inspired Series #4

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Our #Inspired Series is a time where I share some of my #LifeLessons. These are things I glean from others, book I come across, some random quote somewhere, practical life issues, and even from my friends and family members. This past week was a journey of Discovery for me on many fronts. I learnt quite a lot about my fears and how to handle them. I’d like to share some of those lessons about fear […]

Surprise! Surprise!

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Hubby Dearest threw me a Surprise ‘Party’ over the weekend as it was my birthday! I didn’t believe he had it in him, I couldn’t believe I could be surprised. You see, I see myself as a ‘Detective’ – seeing things and hearing things others won’t pick out easily. I didn’t think anyone could pull that off so easily. I didn’t have the foggiest idea. Hmmmm, I was thoroughly, pleasantly surprised. In fact, I haven’t […]

If Tomorrow Doesn't Show Up…

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I was once at a gathering of women where the speaker was giving an exhortation. Of all that she said, the line of thought that stayed with me and keeps me going even till now was: “What if Tomorrow never comes?” “What if you never marry?” “What if you never own a house?”