Mid-Year Appraisals

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Most companies run an annual appraisal for their staff where their work output is reviewed. The most anticipated outcome of appraisals is an upward review of the salary package and promotion and In fact some people already make plans for the expected increase. I had my appraisals at the office recently and it was quite an experience. Appraisals are ‘Office Judgement day’, in split seconds your mind runs through your performance over the year, the […]

Kids Can Set Goals Too

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It’s great to set goals as adults. It gives us a sense of purpose, and once we achieve them, a feeling of exhilarating accomplishment. Getting kids to set goals may be something that has never crossed your mind, but goal-setting for kids gives them the same feelings as does adults. If you have never considered going through with this, it may be time to do that for your kids. They should be encouraged to set […]

One Reason Your Goal Seems Elusive – I Got This Lesson From Swimming!

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Hi Dear Mom, I sent out a Newsletter to my email subscribers during the week and I asked them if they were getting frustrated with not being able to get your goals on course. You can check out that newsletter here if you’re not yet an email subscriber. [I wonder if you know what you’re missing out on though]. I learnt a huge lesson over the weekend that sort of reinforced my thoughts about why […]

Time To Hand In The Result Sheet

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  As the Easter Holiday winds up here in Nigeria, work resumes tomorrow! This Resumption also happens to coincide with the winding up of the first quarter of the year. Where did all the time go? Whew! Just in case you’re still thinking of getting into the groove of running with your 2016 goals and plans, sorry to burst that bubble. It’s actually time to hand in the result sheet for the first quarter. What […]