Cover Him – Prayers For Your Husband

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Lately, I’ve come across a number of posts/articles/discussions by women ‘complaining’ about their husbands being laid back in certain areas of their marriages. The temptation usually is to complain or grumble or nag! Today, I’d like for us to use another method to get the results we desire – Pray for Our husbands. Please pray even if you’re very angry with your spouse right now. God will grant you grace and you will see results […]

Tips Tuesday – Involve Your Kids

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I once saw a picture that was flying around the Internet sometime towards the end of last year about a woman that was carrying so much. She had the burden of her husband and her children and so much more. And of course, a lot of us were really ‘encouraging’ ourselves with “Women are trying o” “Women are doing so much”… And I thought to myself: “Why will I be carrying people who are not […]

Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

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It’s a wonderful privilege to be expecting a baby. Congratulations are in order! As pregnant mothers sometimes, you can be full of anxieties, fear of the future [especially for those who have had a history of miscarriages or similar difficult experience]. You can chose to cast all of those burdens upon the Lord and trust Him to keep you under His everlasting arms. These prayers are for every pregnant woman. “Don’t worry about anything; instead, […]

TipsTuesday – Just Put Me In My Place

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I particularly hate to look for things! And as a matter of fact, looking for things slows you down and wastes considerable time that can be used to accomplish a whole lot. Are you always looking for one leg of socks in the morning, pencils during homework time, water bottles…? How can you cut down the time you spend looking for things? Have A PLACE For Everything and Put Everything In Its PLACE. I even […]

He Can Keep A Promise – Prayers For Waiting Mothers

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He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the Lord ! Psalms 113:9 NLT Our God is a faithful God. Today is Our Scheduled Prayer Day on Our Striving Nigerian Mom Facebook Group We will be  praying for those Moms waiting on God for their children today. If you fall into this category or know anyone who does, kindly pray trusting God that you will testify, and very soon too in […]

Your Contribution Is Enough

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I have a dear friend that once said to me: “It’s because of my input that my husband can be comfortable be a Pastor”. She probably may not remember, but I do. And I remember all the time. A lot of us women are so quick to look down on ourselves and even allow others to look down on us. I often hear a lot of mothers, especially the stay at home mothers, say: ” […]