Internet Safety Series #1 – 4 Internet Threat Points For Your Child

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The internet is a beautiful place with so much information on just about anything! As useful as the internet is; there is also its dark sides. For each time our children come in contact with the cyber world there’s always the risk that they will be caught up with at least one of these 4 risk areas. Internet safety is first and foremost the responsibility of any intentional parent. We are the ones to ensure […]

Huffington Post Here I Come – How I Became a Huffington Post Blogger and How You Can Too

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While doing some research last week about some random thing, I stumbled on this post on how to become a Huffington Post writer. I had never actually given it any thought before I saw that post. I read through and I said, “why not?” So, I just sent an email to the Editor-In-Chief [Arianna] herself. According to that article, it usually takes about 2 weeks for them to respond to you if they will respond, […]

It's All Lovely

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I got this out of the Blues from a lovely Sister! She nominated me for A Lovely Blog Award, and I am humbled by this. The whole point of this Award is to keep our Blogging community buzzing. Here are the Rules: Award Rules Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog – Buki is appreciated. List the rules – That’s what I am doing right now. Display the award […]