He Sees. He Knows.

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God, we have been told, is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent. He knows and sees all things. But, human as we are, we sometimes forget that God sees us. We know somewhere at the back of our minds that He can see all things, but we just are not convinced that He is actually taking a look at Our Particular Situation and that He can see it. That was the Story of Hagar in Genesis 16. She […]

It's Time To Pray

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  Good Morning Precious Women of God. The number of evil reports we come across on a daily basis shows to me that the end is indeed near. There’s so much trouble everywhere, it’s alarming. We will be Praying this morning and I want to start from my own Jerusalem – Nigeria. Today, I’ll like for us to lift up our voices concerning Nigeria. I believe that God will arise concerning this Nation as we […]

Get Up. Go For It.

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    It’s a Great Day To Be Alive. Most times, opportunities won’t come to us on a platter of gold – we need to be ready when they come. And sometimes, we need to get up and create those opportunities for ourselves. Do you have an idea that’s been burning in your mind? Don’t just sit expecting things to fall in your lap. What Should You Do? Ask for Counsel. Carry Out that purpose […]

Broken In A Minute

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“Help!!!” She Screamed as loud as her 13 year old voice could carry. “Scream all you want. We’re all alone baby”, he said with a snicker, his breath a stink of stale tobacco. She quickly realised he was right. They were alone. All alone. she wearily resigned herself to him as he tore her clothes and shoved her to the ground. She was brutalised. And forever so. He was her uncle too. Did You Know? […]

It Shouldn't Stop With Me!

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“It’s more blessed to give than to receive” How True the words of the Bible are. The Blessings that come from receiving are not necessarily material or physical, a lot of times, it’s the blessing of a Great feeling of accomplishment.   I once wrote a post that keeps resonating on my mind on this Theme and I’d like to share a few words from this Post. “In our generation, the answer to most of […]

Toot Your Horn

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I thought of the Prompt on The Daily Post on “Toot Your Horn”. I thought about my strengths and my weaknesses alike. And I came up with the Strength I believe has helped me the greatest. Persistence Today, I looked around our cyberspace for Inspiration on this strength of mine, and I came up with a few of the numerous quotes out there. As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest […]

Truly A Gift

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It’s amazing how a precious family, in spite of the devastation of a loss, can offer strength to numerous unknown people. This is the story of Natalie & Brian Morgan, whose daughter was born sleeping. As I read through the story, I just couldn’t help remembering them in my prayers. They’ve been on my mind since that time. I can’t pretend to understand this sort of pain of seeing your beautiful treasure taken away from […]

Daughters Pray – Be Still

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Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10). Dear Daughter, I know how difficult it is to remain still in the midst of chaos, confusion and troubling circumstances. Being still is the last thing you want to do! This morning, I don’t know what your situation is, I don’t know what challenges life has thrown your way… The Lord is saying to you this morning.. “Be Still!” Anytime I feel discouraged, I often encourage […]

Help! I'm The Other Woman Part 4

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“What am I doing?”, Gloria thought as she made her way to the first floor. “Lord, please help me. This shouldn’t be happening to me” “Why did Uche have to come back after so long? Why?” Gloria thought of telling her husband about how she felt. But, she couldn’t bring herself to admit all the strong emotions she felt towards Uche. “What would he think of me? I can handle this on my own. I […]

Help! I'm The Other Woman Part 3

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The week went by even more quickly than anticipated. There was just too much to do. “Thank God”, she muttered to herself as she made her way briskly to her car. “I can’t wait to get home and soak in the bath tub. What a week.” “Hello Gloria.” What was he doing by her car? She had deliberately given up her beloved parking space just to do all she could to avoid Uche. Here he […]

Help! I'm The Other Woman Part 2

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“Glow, please don’t say that. I really am very sorry for all the pain I caused you. I really tried to get in touch with you after my Masters program, but by the time I could get in touch, I was told you were already planning your wedding. I did not want to be an intruder, so I just let you be.”
“I still love you Glow.”
“You can’t love me. What about your wife?”
“I just got married to her because you were already married. It’s you I love and not her”.
“Please take me back to my office. I can’t do this”

Starting a New School – How To Help Your Child Cope in a New School

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It’s natural for anyone to be anxious about change.  Change of any kind comes with its fears and share of ‘what ifs’. This post will give you seven tips to help your child adjust well in a new school. Here is another post that will also help to ease your child back into school after the long summer break – How To Help Your Child Ease Into The New School Year. In addition to all […]

If Tomorrow Doesn't Show Up…

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I was once at a gathering of women where the speaker was giving an exhortation. Of all that she said, the line of thought that stayed with me and keeps me going even till now was: “What if Tomorrow never comes?” “What if you never marry?” “What if you never own a house?”

It's All Rubbish!

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“Yes. It’s All Rubbish!” We all are often quick to make this statement about things going on around us. Some of the events of my life in the last few weeks have really got me thinking very wide. I was having a discussion with a friend about the current economic situation in Nigeria. This discussion bordered on the issue of School Fees for Primary and Secondary schools in Lagos. And if you ask the average […]

Choosing The Right Bedding For Your Bedroom

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I love a beautiful bedroom and I also love colors and anyone who is close to me will know this. Colors are beautiful, they can make a statement as to the kind of person you are. In this series on Making The Right Choice of Bedding, I’d just like start in this post by sharing a few tips with you about how to do up your bedroom just by using your Bedding right. TIP 1: […]

I've Got The Best Daddy in The World…

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I’ve Got The Best Daddy in The World… I don’t even know who wrote this song, but it is by far one of my husband’s favorite songs ever… Here’s a Happy Father’s Day To all our ‘Striving Dads’ – you know you’re simply the best. To all Men waiting for the opportunity  to show their ‘Fathering’ skills, Happy Father’s Day! Soon,  you’ll carry your bundle of Joy. And to all moms who play both Roles […]

Internet Safety Series #3 – 8 Strategies To Create An Internet Safer Home

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Do you want to create an Internet safer home for your children? Using The Internet is like riding a bike. You need to support your child through that journey, helping them to do it right. If you leave them on their own too early, they can definitely sustain serious injuries.     In our last two vlogs in our Internet Safety series we talked about the risk factors on the internet and the Apps that […]

Mid-Year Appraisals

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Most companies run an annual appraisal for their staff where their work output is reviewed. The most anticipated outcome of appraisals is an upward review of the salary package and promotion and In fact some people already make plans for the expected increase. I had my appraisals at the office recently and it was quite an experience. Appraisals are ‘Office Judgement day’, in split seconds your mind runs through your performance over the year, the […]

10 Tips on How To Get The Laundry Dry on Rainy Days

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“Get the laundry! Get the laundry!” That’s the typical mom cry when the clouds gather. What do you then do, when it’s been raining non-stop for days, and you need to get the laundry dry because, well, the house is smelling of damp and the children need their uniforms? In this post, we share with you 10 Tips on doing your laundry and getting them dry even when the weather is really wet.

When One Is Better Than Two

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“Two are better than one,     because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down,     one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls     and has no one to help them up.” – Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10 It’s true that two should be better than one. What happens when one is better than two? We all desire the perfect family. A family where everything works, where there’s love and […]

I Stand With Girls – How A Mom Can Build Confidence In Her Girl Child [Vlog Post]

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We marked The International Day of The Girl Child a Few Days Ago. I Stand With Girls as we celebrate this very important day. To commemorate this celebration, here is a video on How To Raise A Confident Girl Child. “I’m a Girl I’m Smart I’m Strong I Can Do Anything”   Click To Watch. I’m sure you know someone who will need this. Share With them also. Love, Oluseye Ashiru