#Inspired Series #1

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In the last few weeks, I have taken to a practice of writing down anything that jumps out at me. From reading a book, the bible, listening to someone speak, watching a movie, speaking with people, looking through a Blog…anywhere. And when I write down, it could be in any form. It could be the good old pen and paper. It could be on my phone writing app and better still, my text-on-image app. It […]

Tips Tuesday – It’s Okay To Say “No”

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I once had a friend who always found it difficult to say No to requests from people. He would go as far as putting himself in a position of doing something for about 3 different people in the same time space. He was a good guy, but soon the same people he was trying to please started to see him as unreliable. Why? He wanted to do everything to please everyone. Believe me when I […]

“Making The Most of 2016” – Vlog

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It’s not enough to have good desires or intentions for this new year. We already are halfway into February! If you haven’t started to run with your goals, there’s no better time than Today to begin. Check Out These few Tips I put together on this Tips video for making the best of the rest of the Year. [Background Music: I Know Who I am By Sinach] It’s Never Too Late To Start! All The […]