Love, Affection & Desire

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Every plant needs to be nurtured to grow. This same way, every marriage needs nourishment to grow. The three-pronged nourishment that every marriage needs is Love, Affection and Desire. These three words may seem synonymous – and in reality they should be – but they often aren’t always present in the right doses in every […]

Always Super Mom

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Don’t Be Discouraged… You’re Always Super Mom! So, you just Screamed at your Kids? Your kids had slept off before you got in from work? You missed yet another Parents’ Meeting because you weren’t able to get time off work? You weren’t able to afford that gift you’ve wanted to give your child..?

Daughters Pray – Prayer For Waiting Moms

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“Following from the Mother’s day Celebration on Sunday [in my part of the world], I felt a burden for some of my sisters who wish they could celebrate with Joy, but are not able to. For some of them, year in year out, they hope that by the Next Mother’s Day, they would have a cause to also be celebrated amongst mothers…”