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My Home, My Kids, My Responsibility

I interact a lot with young people, especially in church on a regular basis. I also have school aged children that are mine.

I have found it very interesting when I hear parents complain about how the church is not influencing their children enough to do the right things.

I saw an infograph on social media a few days ago and it triggered in me the need to finish this post [I had started writing this over a month ago].

time infographic

Based on statistics, our children spend most of their time with us as their parents. Why then are parents quick to blame everyone else when things do not go according to plan?

At Striving Nigerian Mom, our basic focus is on helping Moms to parent with purpose. Children will not just raise themselves, and No, the school and church won’t be doing the raising for us either. They can only render help.

It is our sole responsibility as the parents to do the raising. If anything goes wrong, God won’t be holding the school or the church responsible for what we ought to have done as parents.

The Spiritual, physical, mental discipline kids require should be started from home. We were taught that basic fact in school when we were much younger:


“The basic unit of any society is the family”

The family is where the first level of raising kids starts from.That does not, however, mean that you should not ask for help when you need it. But, the buck stops at your table.

That child care giver, that school, that Sunday school class, that maid or nanny…they are all to help us get our primary responsibility done.

Your Kids and Your Home are 100% your responsibility. Take that task very seriously.

Stop the blame game.

P:S If you need help getting started on this journey and you feel like you have been slacking in this regard, please send an email to me at or just Contact Me and I’ll be glad to be of help.

Yours in The Journey,

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12 thoughts on “My Home, My Kids, My Responsibility

  1. Totally agree with you. I am not a parent, but I was brought up by great parents. Even now my mum sets me straight. Too many parents think it is someone else’s job. And some parents are to busy living their life to even stop to bring up good children, or responsible adults. Sometimes parents love is so blind there is love and no discipline – then you have lazy adults. It makes me wonder -why do people have kids if they don’t want to take the responsibility – it is not a little game – it’s some ones life and the impact on society etc.

    Great post love it. and agree

    1. You are exactly right! Parenting is definitely not a game – but a responsibility involving molding the lives of others. I just always ask God for the Grace to do it right.

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